Round one of the NBA Playoffs, will they stick to the script?

April 23, 2016 Sammy Gunnell

The first round of this year's NBA playoffs are now in full swing! I love it. For me this is where the season really comes alive, 82 regular season games can blend into one at times, but here, during the post season, every game matters.
I can't help but think back to past round one match ups. It's usually predictable. The 1st seeded team should beat the 8th, but the truly exciting times are when the script isn't followed.
One particular series which comes to mind is bitter sweet for me, I love the Seattle Supersonics and all that they represented in the NBA in the 90's. Shawn Kemp was basically a beast, they were one of the most exciting teams to watch, and with Michael Jordan absent in 1994, they had possibly their best chance to win it all.
At that time, the first round was a best of 5 series and when the Sonics went up 2-0 it seemed like a done deal. In short, it wasn't. I loved the Sonics, but you have to admire what the Nuggets did in this series, I'll let the video do the talking, but let me just say, Robert Pack...

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