Two Time MVP

May 12, 2016 Sammy Gunnell

As we celebrate another well deserved season MVP, I've been thinking about other NBA legends who have won more than one MVP award.

 One player who comes to mind is Karl Malone (MVP in 1997,99). In the 90's there were times when I didn't like Malone! I got caught up in the Bull's dynasty bug for a moment and Karl Malone and the Jazz were the closest thing to stopping MJ's second three peat. But at the time I also didn't enjoy his lack of flashiness. Yes I know, he used to put the hand behind his head when dunking which some could argue was the peak of showmanship and I'd find it hard not too agree, some modern players even pay tribute to at times.

It's only now as an adult and watching back some of Malone's highlights that I can really appreciate what a unique player he was. I'm not sure we've seen anyone since in terms of physique and playing style. He was a BEAST!


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