Back to Back Champions

June 04, 2016 Sammy Gunnell

So we're only one game in, but it looks a lot like this year's Golden State Warriors are on the brink of another NBA Championship, and the possibility of becoming back to back winners.

I like this Warriors squad, not just because they're fun to watch and their ability to go on a three point rampage is mind blowing, but because they're a real team. What I mean is that from the coaching staff to the bench to the starting line up, these guys connect. I feel confident for them, I believe in them and, like I said before, I like them. Chemistry.

Another team which exuded a similar attitude were the 1994 and 95 back to back title winning Houston Rockets. Different to the current dynasty building Warriors in that they were a team lead by seasoned veterans who bumped heads at times, but similar in their overall camaraderie and chemistry.

A number of reasons meant that they weren't able to achieve a legendary three peat (the return of Mr Jordan, maybe...) but for me, the uniform change was the beginning of the end" As always, check out this video to either educate or remind you of some unforgettable NBA History.

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