Clutch Threes

June 29, 2016 Sammy Gunnell

Kyrie Irving made what was probably the biggest three pointer of his entire career during game 7 of this year's NBA Finals.

It doesn't get any bigger, hitting this type of shot when it matters the most is what careers are remembered by, ask Reggie Miller. But they don't always come from the guy you'd expect, ask Steve Kerr. One guy who you may never heard of is John Paxson, a key member of the early 90's Chicago Bulls team who won three titles in a row from 91-93. It was the 1993 finals where Paxson made the shot which his career is remembered for.

I salute you John, I'd rather be remembered for this than what Frederic Weis is remembered for... Check out the video below of the epic moment.


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