Fifty One Basketball Court Photographs

November 29, 2017 Sammy Gunnell

I remember hearing Lauryn Hill once say that she loves the sound of a Rhodes (organ) which is a little bit out of tune because something about it messes with your heart. I absolutely feel that way about Basketball Courts.
My wife has got used to the fact that I can't walk past a basketball court without having to take a picture. Sometimes they're occupied by kids who don't mind a grown up politely asking them to move out of the way for a few moments, other times they're big boys playing football... so I just have to try not to get hit in the face, with the ball I mean! But if I can capture the right court, in the right location and in the right conditions, I feel like I've captured something iconic. I can see my wife's eyes rolling right now...
I post pics of courts on my Instagram page regularly, and in doing so (and usually by following the #SLAMHoops tag) I regularly come across others who obviously enjoy doing the same. Local Hoops is a guy who has a genuine passion and also posts amazing pics, check him out! But another guy who intrigued me from a long time ago was an Instagrammer named Chris Tubbs. Not only are his pictures of courts and hoops beautiful, they're also taken in beautiful locations all around the world... by Chris himself!
I was very excited then, to hear that Chris was displaying his pictures and releasing a book in London this week. I was then immediately disappointed when I realised that it was the one night in a long time when I would be out of town! Fortunately for me, Chris is a top guy and was kind enough to give me some of his time today to talk about his book and the pictures themselves. 
Have a listen below and if you happen to be in London tomorrow night (30th Nov 2017 - 6-9pm) then get on down to:
Kunstraum Gallery
21 Roscoe Street
You can also find more details and see some of Chris' pics on his website here

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