Interview with Mark Webster

December 07, 2017 Sammy Gunnell

A little while ago I wrote a blog post on the UK's coverage of the NBA back in the 90s on Channel 4, it was legendary, I really mean that! It became the bread and butter for many UK NBA fans who wanted a round up of what was happening in the league, but the show also went in depth with players and the history of the game.
Hosting the show alongside Scoop Jackson and Dave Lewis, Mark Webster represented for us British lads and did a great job too! He interviewed the best players in the league (Jordan and a rookie Kobe to name a couple) and attended some iconic games. It was no small thing then when he agreed to attend the press night of '90s All-Star JAM', an event we organised earlier this year, and even better that he was up for doing an interview!
It's taken me a while for me to get hold of any recordings (I should have been on it, I know... it was a busy night!) and so let me take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to my mate Mike Miller (Double Clutch Podcast and The Drop BBall) who had the common sense to grab a recording on his phone where I clearly didn't! 
Mark's grandsons were making the most of the NBA Jam arcade machine which can be heard in the background, and the quality isn't amazing but hey, for me it's ten minutes of gold! Check it out below...

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