Last of the Franchise Players

July 12, 2016 Sammy Gunnell

Let me start by being honest. I don't like Tim Duncan. The fact that he was known as 'The Big Fundamental' basically sums it all up. I don't like his lack of flair, I don't like his lack of emotion, I don't like the way he speaks, I don't like the way he claps, I don't like what he did to my beloved Knicks in the 1999 NBA Finals. Heartless.

Don't get me wrong. Tim Duncan is a legend. An undisputed hall of famer and an undeniably great player, I admit that although I didn't find his career particularly exciting, apart from the odd highlight, I love what Tim Duncan represents.

I love how he had five championships, three finals MVPs, two season MVPs, fifteen all star appearances, ten NBA first team selections and we barely even noticed. While we were analysing Lebron's decisions or Kobe's injuries or Allen's personal life, Tim Duncan was casually winning. In our social media frenzied, gossip and drama hungry, adrenaline and hype fueled culture, Tim Duncan kept it 1997.

I love that Tim was a Spur from start to finish, Twitter take note. Superstars aren't brought, traded for or signed during free agency, superstars are home grown. They're made. Like Kobe before him (but with a slightly tamer retirement), like David Robinson, Stockton, Reggie, like Magic and Bird. Duncan was a franchise player (I see you too Dirk). A man who stuck with his team through seasons of highs and lows, who didn't jump ship and join his biggest contender for a better chance of winning (oops!), who will always be remembered as a faithful Spur. No jerseys are being burned in San Antonio this summer.

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