The Benchwarmer

"I'm always last to be picked and in some cases never picked at all" - Skee-Lo
Hi, I'm Sammy. I love the 90's NBA era and my young teenage years can basically be summarised by the following: NBA Jam, Shawn Kemp and dreaming about owning all the jerseys I saw in SLAM Magazine.
Enjoy the nostalgia and in the meantime, have a bit of a laugh at the pictures which I stuck to my bedroom door as a kid... Who needs photoshop when you had scissor skills like mine!?
My dad was helpful enough to take this picture,
but not enough of an MJ fan to know that I was doing this the wrong way around.  
It seems like Steve Kerr is always in the right place at the right time,
apart from when he had to guard me back in '95.
Before Vince Carter shut in down in 2000.
I shut it down in 1996 with this 'mid air panic mode leg kick' dunk. 
Jordan benefited a lot from the coaching I gave him... When I was 12.
As a Knicks fan it broke my heart when I scored 50 on them back in '98.
Charles Oakley decided to move to Toronto that same day.
I'm 99% sure that this actually happened.